The funding phase of this EC co-funded project has finalised, however several tools continue to be used to good effect.

We wish to share these as well as several important points that we learnt throughout the project, click here for our Lessons Learned!


April 2016

This month, we publish our final newsletter and whilst the GreenCom project officially comes to a close, we are very happy with what we have achieved. Project partners will now be offering new Smart Grid products and services to the market as well as a lot of important learning. You can read about this and more in the Newsletter available here . Thanks for being interested these months, and please don´t hesitate to get in touch regarding any of our results and product offerings.

GreenCom Press release 28:04:2016

Press release 28:04:2016

GreenCom Launches Smart Grid Commercial Flyer

With multiple partners and in-depth European research, would you like to share in GreenCom´s results?

Bosting interesting and surprising results, GreenCom project is now making available several products and services with solutions for diverse Smart Grid Challenges. A DSO Dashboard, Network monitoring solution and high speed data capture system with consumer-grade GUI are just some of the offerings.

GreenCom Commercial Flyer Published!

Multiple partners, European research, would you like to share in GreenCom´s results? …DSO Dashboard, Network monitoring solution, high speed data capture system with consumer-grade GUI; GreenCom has something for differing stakeholders in the Smartgrid chain.

Our updated commercial flyer provides an outline explanation of some of these. For interested parties, we invite you to contact the partners directly for further details.

End-user evaluation in GreenCom

March 2016

End-user evaluation in GreenCom

Project participants from Fur were invited to a workshop on 15th March to evaluate the GreenCom system and the associated commercial offerings. Special focus was on the concept of letting an external actor control certain household installations as a help to balance the power grid.

Period Two Approved Deliverables Published

The GreeCom project is pleased to announce that it has successfully completed period two of its activities. The approved results from this period are now available in the download section of the website here

Latest Newsletter published!

We have been working hard on the pilot implementation of our project and have dedicated a large part of our latest newsletter to explain this.

GreenCom presents at EU Project clustering event

July 2015

Greencom project recently presented their results at the INCREASE Summer School, a four day event organised to share the results of EU projects that are active in moving the traditional distrubtion grid towards a demand-responsive smart grid.

Batteries in Fur!

We have an important upgrade happening right now for some of our pilot users - local energy storage. With this we improve the conversion of our users from 'consumers' to 'prosumers' and gain an important physical resource for utilising within our business cases.

Over 20 Households pilot running

April 2015

GreenCom project now has 22 households with equipment from our Smart Energy Management System installed. This good user base expands our trial with more diverse scenarios allowing us to receive key feedback from a live ‘Prosumer’ end-user group. As we move forward during period 3 of this pilot evaluation this better helps us to understand how we fit to(and how we can further adapt to) our target end-user´s needs!

New media content added, website refreshed

Now well into the second period of our project, we are pleased to announce a web site re-fresh and the release of a new headline video. Embedded in the home page, in just three minutes it provides a good introduction and overview of our project and the outcomes that it will provide. Please enjoy both the video and the updated site and don´t forget to get in touch if you have any comments for us.