The funding phase of this EC co-funded project has finalised, however several tools continue to be used to good effect.

We wish to share these as well as several important points that we learnt throughout the project, click here for our Lessons Learned!

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Media Gallery

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  • GreenCom project is researching and deploying a system that assists in the creation of links between energy supply companies, citizens, distributed consumption and generation. This 3 minute video quickly introduces the project and provides an overview of major points and key project outcomes.

  • As part of the GreenCom recruitment activities, citizens from the Danish Island of Fur were invited to an information meeting on 23rd of April about the GreenCom project. The aim was to introduce the idea of the Smart Grid and the conditions for participating in the project. Presentations were made on heat pumps, solar panels and the visualisation of energy consumption. This Video explains the meeting, introduces one of the Island participants and provides some information regarding the project´s aims.

  • GreenCom project has the potential to impact the power supply grid in multiple regions, helping the move towards a Smart Grid. An Italian television article, first aired during December of 2012 on the channel TGR describes the GreenCom project, its aims and potential impact both internationally and within the Piemonte region of Italy. (Italian language with English subtitles)

  • This video shows the planned test-bed activities for year 2 of the GreenCom Project located at the Tyndall National Insitiute, University College Cork Ireland. The video highlights the availabe micro-generation sources that are available on site and describes how they will be incorporated into the GreenCom system in the coming year.

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