The funding phase of this EC co-funded project has finalised, however several tools continue to be used to good effect.

We wish to share these as well as several important points that we learnt throughout the project, click here for our Lessons Learned!

The Partners


Istituto Superiore Mario Boella (ISMB)
is a research & innovation center operating in the Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) domain. Founded in 2000 by Compagnia di San Paolo and Politecnico di Torino, today ISMB relies on technological and process competences of around 150 researchers working in close cooperation with companies, academia and Public Administration. ISMB is organized in Research Areas focused on core sectors of ICT that are capable of managing the whole value chain, from basic technology up to its practical implementation (proof-of-concept).

Apart from the overall co-ordination of GreenCom, ISMB’s role in the project will be to lead the development and integration in the control systems and other sub-systems of software components based on LinkSmart middleware to be used in the Distributed Storage and Distributed Generation gateways and in the Data and Control Layer and the Gateway Communication Layer of the Microgrid Manager. ISMB will have a major role in the overall system & software architectural design complemented by specific contributions in developing the basic backbone data communication between the gateways, Microgrid Manager and Microgrid Aggregator, and the wireless sensor networks part of GreenCom’s system. Furthermore, ISMB will actively participate in the dissemination activities also exploiting its role of link with the industrial world in Italy and in the Piedmont Region.


The Fraunhofer Gesellschaft zur Förderung der angewandten Forschung
e.V. (FhG) is the leading organisation of institutes of applied research and development in Europe. Future-oriented strategic research is carried out with the aim of promoting innovations in key technologies with an economic and social relevance in the next five to ten years. Working within the framework of the European Union's research and technological development programs, the FhG collaborates in industrial consortia on technical issues ultimately destined to improve the competitiveness of European industry. The Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft is a major player in the European Research Area. The FhG is an autonomous organisation with a decentralised organisational structure of 62 institutes, of which 15 institutes are dedicated to research in information and communication technology. The Fraunhofer Institutes network with other centres of excellence, and together help to assure the competitive strength of European research.

The Fraunhofer Institute FIT (Institute for Applied Information Technology) will participate in the project with an experienced and excellent team of researchers from the “User-Centred Computing” department (UCC). FIT has been making significant contributions to Computer-Supported Cooperative Work and Human-Computer Interaction. The first distributed email system in Europe based on open standards and the first commercial workflow system in Europe were developed at FIT.

Apart from the responsibility to integrate the LinkSmart middleware into the project, FIT will ensure a sound requirements engineering, system design and architecture and will develop methods, middleware solutions, ensuring a maximum of interoperability so that application modules and services can be adapted and based independently on the domain dependent model. FIT will also be involved in the development of Context-awareness and self-adaptive methods and the consideration of trust concepts. User centred design and usability aspects for nomadic and wireless applications and services are further aspects to which FIT will contribute.


Sensing&Control Systems
is a technology based company specialised in bringing to the market Internet of Things solutions for the Energy & Security sectors. Enabled by its powerful web based SW platform, nASSIST, & combined with its extensive experience in Wireless Sensor & Communication technologies, SCS is at the forefront of those entities entering this arena. For several years Sensing & Control has specialised in the application area of Energy and its control. The SCS team has international experience from working at different embedded system world leading companies such as Nokia and Epson. The team has years of experience across broad and complimentary company activities covering: management, marketing, sales, R&D and product development. We have good international exposure and penetration in this upcoming & growing market, are included in market surveys for WSN technology and are working with other partners of the GreenCom proposal in the ME3GAS project where we have been developing LinkSmart for the energy Control context. Here we are working on the LinkSmart middleware, aiding the creation of the layer needed for communication with the project 3 pilots.

SCS is the leader of WP4 where they will create the SW architectural module (HLM.) Work will include development of LinkSmart structures logically down to the HW & devices created in WP5, web services logically up to the MGM, an Energy Management engine, a new GUI for communicating clearly with the end (dwelling) users and a context awareness engine development using AI techniques of Data mining, Pattern Recognition and Model generation. Additionally, SCS will have an important role in WP6 where it will create the other large Microgrid Management modules, the DGM and DSM that sit alongside the HLM. SCS is also the leader of the important Dissemination WP10 where they will use their wealth of experience in the Marketing & Communications arena to ensure a successful dissemination of both the project results and its commercial products and services. Finally SCS will complete work across other WPs that include WP5, where it will ensure close integration between the HLM and the devices, as well as WP7 where it will aid with the upper layers of the Microgrid Manager and Microgrid Reasoner to ensure correct interfacing to the HLM, DGM and DSM and WP8 where it will assist with the deployment definition & deployment.


In-JeT ApS
was established in 1997 and has developed to become a renowned research and innovation firm in the field of technology development within internet based services. In-JeT has developed effective tools for defining technology concepts for e.g. energy services based on the Internet of Things, and for developing business models based on value concepts for exploiting innovative internet based technology solutions.
In-JeT ApS has been engaged as concept and technology developer in Ambient Intelligence and Pervasive Computing since 1998 and has extensive knowledge about wireless technologies, networks, Semantic Web Services, ontologies, and Knowledge Management. Since 2000, In-JeT has specifically been working with eBusiness and eHealth services in heterogeneous networks.

In-JeT’s role in the GreenCom project will be to lead the business modelling and requirement engineering phase and secure that the technical implementations align with the projects conceptual vision at all times. Further, it is In-JeT’s role to perform evaluations in WP9, and contribute to regulatory and policy framework in WP2.


Tyndall National Institute, University College Corkis
Ireland’s largest research institute with over 450 personnel. It was created in 2004 to bring together complementary activities in photonics, electronics and networking research at the National Microelectronics Research Centre (NMRC), several UCC (University College Cork) academic departments and Cork Institute of Technology (CIT) creating a focal point of Information and Communications Technology (ICT) research in Ireland. Research programmes range from theoretical modelling and design to novel material, nanotechnology, device processing and fabrication, packaging and integration; and novel systems incorporating these new devices.

Within the MAI (Microelectronics Applications) group in Tyndall over 30 researchers are working in the Wireless Sensor Network (WSN) space focusing on BEM, wearable/healthcare and environmental monitoring applications. The WSN team has developed a WSN platform ('the Tyndall mote') that has been successfully deployed in over 40 technology applications. The adoption of a wireless and self-powered solution is a key ingredient for Building Energy Management (BEM) projects as it enables the technology to be retrofitted easily into existing buildings. Interfacing with a wide variety of sensors and meters and actuation and control capability are key parameters in the development of next generation motes for ICT4EE applications that intelligently monitor and control energy usage in buildings resulting in potential savings of 15-20%. The team has received significant funding from the EU (ENIAC ERG, ARTEMIS ME3Gas, FP7 MOSYCOUSIS, SMAC, Nanofunction), the Irish Higher Education Authority, and Enterprise Ireland. Tyndall is also hosting IERC, a recent €20M industry driven Irish government founded initiative, performing international collaborative research and innovation in integrated sustainable energy system technologies,
Tyndall will lead WP5 and provide the physical infrastructure consisting of gateways, devices and actuators and corresponding M2M APIs for these devices to communicate with the GreenCom Smart Energy Management System. As a subset of this work Tyndall will design and develop the HACP & EGSP HW platforms. Tyndall shall also host the platform integration demonstrator for WP8 at UCC in Cork and provide support to other WPs for the integration of the physical infrastructure into the MGM & SEMS. Tyndall will also foster links between IERC partners and GreenCom during the project to explore opportunities for commercialisation and co-operation.


Actua A/S
is a Danish ICT development company founded by three partners in 2006. Today Actua employes 9 Masters in Computer Science (all with Bachelors in Mathematics or Mhysics). Actua has run with a positive EBIT since the start.
Actua has focus on energy. This is signalled by the tagline “Software transforming the energy sector” and by Actuas vision and mission statements. Actua is helping the energy sector in three areas: Security, Analytics and Integration of Heterogenic Systems. All areas are of direct relevance in GreenCom. Actua is interested in all areas of the Energy Sector (production, transmission, distribution, consumption, trading, markets,…) but has until now had most experience in the production and transmission areas. Actua strive for long-time relations with its customers. Actua has several relations to the Scandinavian Energy Sector (please visit for a complete list). For the GreenCom it is of special interest that (a) Actua is designing, developing and partially doing second level support on the backend data capture and analysis for all Vattenfalls Wind Power Turbines (approx. 1 GW) (b) Actua ran the Danish funded project second1 about SmartGrid security (c) Actua is involved in the development of the SmartGrid facilities SysLab ( Risø campus @Technical University of Denmark) (d) Actua worked with Danish DSO DONG Energy on ad hoc analysis tools for the distribution grid of northern Zealand and the Copenhagen area (e) WP-leader in the active Danish funded Smart Grid project FlexPower about market design.
Actua will lead WP7 and be responsible for the overall architecture on the server side. Actua will use and strengthen knowledge on SmartGrid. Especially issues about interaction with backend DSO systems will be revealed in the GreenCom project. Actua will also develop new tools of broader interest amongst Actua customers (e.g. time series analysis platforms).


is a modern multi-supply energy and broadband communications company in Denmark, headquartered in the central Jutland area, 175 km north of the German border. The company was established in 2002 as a merger between three electricity supply companies. EnergiMidt supplies electricity, communications, and district heating to 176,000 electricity customers, 8,000 heating customers, and 32,000 fibre customers, covering an area of 6,000 km2.
EnergiMidt has years of experience in optimizing the electricity grid, providing electrical installations, and selling heat pumps and solar cells and are experts in the installation, operation, and maintenance of street and traffic lights and offer energy consultancy to private and business customers. EnergiMidt are pioneers in remote meter reading and smart home solutions. EnergiMidt has solid know-how in all essential areas of the future energy market—Smart Grid, renewable energy, and energy efficiency. We currently employ more than 600 people within multiple fields.
The role of EnergiMidt in the GreenCom project is firstly as business model developer, provider of user requirements and evaluation of the developed prototype. But EnergiMidt takes active part also in the development of system architecture, interfacing of energy storage and generation systems and integration with grid topology and management systems. EnergiMidt will also supply the test facilities for the pilots and perform installations and the Site Acceptance Tests.

Project news


    April 2016

    This month, we publish our final newsletter and whilst the GreenCom project officially comes to a close, we are very happy with what we have achieved. Project partners will now be offering new Smart Grid products and services to the market as well as a lot of important learning. You can read about this and more in the Newsletter available here . Thanks for being interested these months, and please don´t hesitate to get in touch regarding any of our results and product offerings.

  • GreenCom Press release 28:04:2016

    Press release 28:04:2016

    GreenCom Launches Smart Grid Commercial Flyer

    With multiple partners and in-depth European research, would you like to share in GreenCom´s results?

    Bosting interesting and surprising results, GreenCom project is now making available several products and services with solutions for diverse Smart Grid Challenges. A DSO Dashboard, Network monitoring solution and high speed data capture system with consumer-grade GUI are just some of the offerings.

  • GreenCom Commercial Flyer Published!

    Multiple partners, European research, would you like to share in GreenCom´s results? …DSO Dashboard, Network monitoring solution, high speed data capture system with consumer-grade GUI; GreenCom has something for differing stakeholders in the Smartgrid chain.

    Our updated commercial flyer provides an outline explanation of some of these. For interested parties, we invite you to contact the partners directly for further details.

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