The funding phase of this EC co-funded project has finalised, however several tools continue to be used to good effect.

We wish to share these as well as several important points that we learnt throughout the project, click here for our Lessons Learned!

Meet the project

CasaThe aim of the GreenCom project is to utilise the flexibility and intelligence in the low-voltage demand and local supply side infrastructure to create increased regulation capacity and reserve power in the centralised power grid by extending the means to effectively and securely manage and control the demand and supply within defined boundaries. The project thus aims to balance the local exchange of energy at the community microgrid level, to avoid affecting the centralized grid with instability. 



Meet the team

  • Gitte Wad ThyboGitte Wad Thybo is the Project Manager of the Innovation Fur Project. The Innovation Fur Project is an ambitious project designed by EnergiMidt, The Municipal of Skive and the Island Fur. The vision is to developing a demonstration of the high-tech sustainable society of future. Fur is the Danish Island, where the pilot-test for GreenCom will take place. In the GreenCom project work Gitte with user involvement and the business models. She will be the link between the end users and the GreenCom project. In her free time she loves kayaking, hiking and climbing.
  • richard croyleRichard Croyle(working for Sensing & Control) is responsible for leading GreenCom´s Building Management and Dissemination work, a combination of technical and market management responsibilities. This means that Richard would love for Greencom users to be pleased with their home management system and that as many people as possible know this.. In his free time Richard enjoys spending time with his family on the Beaches and Mountains surrounding Barcelona.

  • angel amoresAngel Amores, IT responsible at Sensing & Control, has put together the Website that you are currently reading. As Greencom´s website developer he very much hopes that the experience is a good one for you! When away from coding the website Angel loves walking through Olot (Girona) forests and enjoying good japanese food.

  • prinn profileMalcolm Prinn is a researcher at Tyndall, working on developing an embedded solution for the wireless sensor networks that will be used in the GreenCom project. Mal has developed firmware for a number of different applications in the wireless sensor network area. Outside of work, you can find him swimming or on a surfboard.
  • Sergio JuradoSergio Jurado is an R&D Engineer at Sensing&Control, conducting research into Artificial Intelligence applied to the energy efficiency field, he will be directly involved in the analysis of device profiles,  predicting a context of the home owner and his/her particular needs. In his leisure time Sergio loves extreme sports and mixing music.
  • pablo gimenezPablo Gimenez is the Chief Software Engineer at Sensing & Control. Hoping to create an interface & solution that end users will boast about to their friends & family, he heads up technical implementation of the cloud based Greencom home user experience. In his spare time Pablo can be found Snow Boarding deep in the Pyrenees mountain range

  • Mark ByersMark has worked with Actua since 2007. He is a competent agile developer with remarkable puzzle-solving skills, which he applies to software development with speed and ease. Mark holds a B.A. in mathematics and a minor in Computer Science from Cambridge University. Mark has implemented everything from large systems to small reusable software components. Mark has a thorough understanding on energy related issues due to work in the sector since 2003. Mark excels at everything he puts his mind to. Lately he has won glory as warrior for the Ingress resistance in Aarhus and throughout Europe.
  • Riccardo TomasiRiccardo Tomasi is with the Pervasive Technologies Area of ISMB, where he currently heads the IOT-SM Research Unit. Being a passionate software practitioner, in GreenCom he cheerfully participates in design and development activities, especially concerning the integration and virtualization of Energy Sources and Storages. When he is not coding or learning some new programming language, you can find him dancing Salsa or Tango in some discotheques around Torino or (in winter) snow-boarding around the South-western Alps.
  • Niels KoldsoNiels is a positive, humorous and energetic person with excellent communication-, people- and leadership-skills. He founded Actua in 2007. On the technical side Niels holds a master degree in computer science, is a certified scrum master and an experienced coach and project manager with a thorough technical understanding. Niels has mostly worked in the energy sector since 2003 where he has been engaged in both commercial and research activities. Privately Niels enjoys to travel the water and air surrounding Denmark
  • adrian canadasAdrián is an Software Engineer working at Sensing&Control. He will be involved in the design and development of Greencom’s communications systems and will work hard to ensure its reliability and robustness. During his free time you can find Adrián practicing sport with his friends.
  • Maurizio SpiritoMaurizio A. Spirito is responsible for the overall coordination of the GreenCom project and for leading the ISMB team participating in the project. He has a background in Electrical and Telecommunications engineering and joined ISMB in 2003, after enjoying five years of his personal and professional life in Helsinki (Finland) where he worked with the Nokia Research Center. In ISMB he currently leads the Pervasive Technologies Research Area. Maurizio does not miss a chance to travel toward warm climates and crystalline sea waters to practice scuba diving. On dry land, Maurizio enjoys jogging and listens to music: a lot of music.
  • male siloueteSteffen Damm Hansen is the Project Manager of GreenCom in EnergiMidt and will be working with identifying the Business Models and responsible for defining and evaluating the pilot demonstration projects on the Island of Fur. For the past two years Steffen has specialized in commercialization of Smart Grid solutions with the aim of increasing the value for different customer segments. In his spare time Steffen is currently finishing his Master Thesis in Engineering entitled “Energy Service Business Models for commercializing Smart District Heating in Small CHPs in Denmark”. When time allows Steffen enjoys spending time with friends and family and to nurture his interests for politics, cooking and engaging in a broad range of sporting activities, including mountain biking, running and the latest addition of Cross Fit.
  • Mike HayesMike Hayes is responsible for managing all the Hardware and firmware work in the Greencom project and is responsible for coordinating all hardware efforts within this project. Mike specialises on energy efficiency projects such as GreenCom,  trying to make the world a greener place through reduced energy consumption and carbon emissions. When he gets outside Mike can be seen on the local golf course or indoors can be found watching soccer, hurling (an Irish sport) and Formula 1.

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Project news


    April 2016

    This month, we publish our final newsletter and whilst the GreenCom project officially comes to a close, we are very happy with what we have achieved. Project partners will now be offering new Smart Grid products and services to the market as well as a lot of important learning. You can read about this and more in the Newsletter available here . Thanks for being interested these months, and please don´t hesitate to get in touch regarding any of our results and product offerings.

  • GreenCom Press release 28:04:2016

    Press release 28:04:2016

    GreenCom Launches Smart Grid Commercial Flyer

    With multiple partners and in-depth European research, would you like to share in GreenCom´s results?

    Bosting interesting and surprising results, GreenCom project is now making available several products and services with solutions for diverse Smart Grid Challenges. A DSO Dashboard, Network monitoring solution and high speed data capture system with consumer-grade GUI are just some of the offerings.

  • GreenCom Commercial Flyer Published!

    Multiple partners, European research, would you like to share in GreenCom´s results? …DSO Dashboard, Network monitoring solution, high speed data capture system with consumer-grade GUI; GreenCom has something for differing stakeholders in the Smartgrid chain.

    Our updated commercial flyer provides an outline explanation of some of these. For interested parties, we invite you to contact the partners directly for further details.

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